Simon Bourne - Photographer
Simon Bourne - Photographer


Simon Bourne is a north London landscape and wildlife photographer with a wide portfolio of striking images.  He has been a keen amateur photographer for nearly 50 years and has enjoyed the new digital age of imagery since 2009.  From 2011 onwards, when he sold his civil engineering consultancy, he has worked more like a semi-professional photographer.


Based in Muswell Hill, he enjoys the fine balance between the artistic challenges of the shot and the technical skills needed to get the best out of the image, both in-camera and in Lightroom/Photoshop afterwards.


To produce photographs that can be readily sold essentially requires images that most others simply cannot produce - this means putting in the time and effort to capture the unusual events in the very best lighting conditions.  So, waiting for the right moment and the best, or most unusual, lighting conditions are features of Simon’s photography.  The golden hours around sunrise and sunset often offer the most dramatic lighting conditions.  On top of those features, Simon concentrates on long exposures for landscapes and very short exposures for wildlife - again, both of which need time, effort and the right equipment, and which cannot be caught on an iPhone !

Simon Bourne, photography, photographer, north London, portfolio, image, sunrise, dawn, London skyline, The Shard, London Eye, BT Tower, landscape, tree, Nikon, Hampstead Heath Hampstead Heath HDR 03, London 2015
Simon Bourne, photography, photographer, north London, portfolio, image, wildlife, zoo, Nikon, Sumatran Tigers Sumatran Tigers, London 2013

While trying to capture the best photograph in-camera alone is always the goal, the vast majority of all images will benefit from the subtle adjustments in tone that are possible on the computer afterwards.


As with any area of life, one needs a modicum of skill and a lot of hard work to achieve the best results – and most importantly, one needs a passionate desire to get the best overall shot with the finest of details.


Many of the featured garden photographs are of gardens designed by Simon's wife, Jilayne Rickards, Garden Designer.  Jilayne is one of the relatively few registered Members of the Society of Garden Designers (MSGD) and is also based in Muswell Hill – for further details of her work, see her website at


Simon and Jil’s eldest son, Joe Bourne, is a professional underwater photographer, now working in the film industry at Warners Bros and Pinewood studios - see his website at


For further details of how to purchase images, see the Contact and Sales page.  Alternatively, you can purchase images from his portfolio page at the stock photo agency, Alamy (Simon Bourne at


He has always been a Nikon user and currently his main kit is a full-frame (FX DSLR) D810 camera and a cropped sensor (DX DSLR) D7100 camera.  His main lenses are the wide angle 16-35mm f/4, the superb wide angle prime 24mm f/1.8, the fabulously versatile 24-70mm f/2.8, the fast standard prime 50mm f/1.4, the telephoto 70-200mm f/4 and the amazingly sharp super-telephoto 200-500mm f/5.6.  He also uses a Manfrotto carbon fibre tripod/monopod and a range of Lee filters for landscape shots (polarising, ND and ND grads).  He uses Adobe CC for post-processing with Lightroom as the main tool for all his images, which is occasionally supplemented by Photoshop.

Simon Bourne, photography, photographer, north London, image, profile, consultant, bridge, Nikon, D7100, civil engineer, structural engineer, bridge engineer, chartered, fellow, ICE, IStructE Simon Bourne

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